April 25 to April 29, 2016

Features & Improvements

The report in Admissions > Applications > Summary now has a filter for Decision Date.

There's a new setting for Automatic Lead Inactivation. Normally, a lead is automatically set to inactive when he enrolls in a course in the term shown in his lead info. But not everyone liked that! Now there's a setting in Admissions > Settings that lets you control whether or not that lead info set flips to inactive after enrollment.


Always bugs to fix, though! Here's what we squashed this week:

The Academic Probation tag was hanging around too long, even after you stretched, yawned, flipped the light switch, and said, "Oooof! Time to turn in... lock the door when you leave, mmkay?" It even hung out after you removed the discipline record from the student. But it now gets the picture and you don't have to do anything rude to make it go away.

Fixed something dumb in Edit Academic Term that wouldn't let you save a specific time for the add-drop date. Fixed a similar dumb thing that kept forgetting what month you had selected when editing term info.

The Bookstore > Orders > Detail Export had extra junk in it that didn't do anyone any good. It could also give you the wrong item cost, too!

Found a few sillies in discussions:

  • Graded discussions were showing ten decimal places for partial-credit requirement grading criteria (e.g. 6.6666666667/10).
  • You couldn't set a published discussion without comments back to not published.
  • Reported comments/replies weren't letting you delete them.

If you gave a student a test exception for before the normal test availability, they wouldn't see it. Now they do!

Course faculty weren't getting the emails about course bulletin board posts. Faculty love email, so we turned the firehose back on.

Attendance times were briefly out of sync with meeting times.

Course evaluations were making you try lots and lots of times to save their availability! They were just having a little fun with you, like a kitten with yarn or a grown momma cat with a baby field mouse.

If you were trying to assign something to someone else in a communication plan, we weren't letting you. But now we let you.

Sometimes you'd set a degree to granted and we'd go and switch that to inactive. Cute, but annoying.

Fixed a few edge-case-y things that wouldn't mark schedule conflicts in the course registration view.

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