May 2 to May 6, 2016

Features & Improvements

There are a bunch of new academic variables available for term financial statements, including course name, credits, hours, primary faculty name, and course start/end dates. Using these, you can turn your students' term financial statements into something not unlike an enrollment verification letter.

If someone at your school changes your grade scale, we now record that and make it available to you using the master change log in Account > Reporting. Previously tracing such changes required digital sleuthing on our part. With all the time that's freed up in our schedules, we've all taken up playing bridge together.

Ever link the wrong person to an application? Well, if you haven't, lots of other people have. We used to unlink them ourselves, but now we've given you an unlink application function. Even more spare time for us! I'm hoping we can take cooking classes together, but Isaac and some of the other guys are pushing for a canoe trip. Either one would be nice!

Added course start/end dates to the Enrollment XLS export. Hip-hip... huzzah!


Bookstore orders with both returned items and purchased items wouldn't necessarily create ledger entries. They do now!

We formerly did all kinds of confusing things to the Affects Full-time setting for courses—mostly we made it hard to find. It's all more straightforward now.

Ed. Level wasn't properly affecting First-time stats in the Data Slicer. We unplugged the Data Slicer for a full minute, plugged it back in, and waited for the yellow light to turn green. But that didn't fix it! So we fixed the software code instead. That did it.

We were having a lot of problems with truncated emails in admissions inquiries. Hey, don't laugh! Parsing email is hard! It actually is... there are innumerable wrinkles with special characters and working around standards first devised decades ago. We ironed out all of the wrinkles we could find and Inquiries are again working as advertised.

If you set a default shipping method in Bookstore that wasn't Pick up at Bookstore, we set Pick up as the default anyway, because sometimes we're just like that. Petulant jerks. After a relaxing game of bridge during our canoe trip, we decided to respect your choices in this matter.

We now permit you to re-use abbreviations from retired catalog courses when you're creating a new one. There was a time when we were pretty hard-nosed about this, but we're getting mild in our old age.

If a user had a system email address marked as primary, and an admin removed system email access from that user, we would not mark any other email address as primary. We now make sure to do that! Mark another one primary, that is.

If you’re using SSO, we now give you the option of not sending a welcome email to the user's email address marked primary in Populi.

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