May 16 to May 20, 2016

Features & Improvements

You can now link people to donations using a soft credit. The Populi Blog has a lil' somethin' about it, and the knowledge base has some knowledge to impart.

We added a setting that lets you allow faculty to enroll students over the max. enrolled limit for a course—basically, a flavor of waiting list management given to course faculty.

There's a new Set Student Access function in Academic Term > Courses. It lets you handle the Student Access= Open/Closed setting for all your term's courses in one fell swoop (that phrase, by the way, goes back to Macbeth and is a metaphor for a hawk killing all of the baby birds in a nest in one swift attack; do with that tidbit what you will...).

When an applicant uploads a file to an application field, we now automatically embed that file so your admissions folk can view the file without downloading it.

Bookstore items now have a setting that lets you report them on 1098-Ts—which you have to do if you require students to purchase that item from your bookstore. We're pretty sure you shouldn't check this for the giant blue foam hands that say "We're #1!" for basketball games. Reserve this one for stuffy, turgid texts on doctoral-level esoterica.

Changes made to default tuition schedules are now recorded in the change log. More data!

If you export a course roster PDF, and said course hath multiple course names, students are now grouped on said roster PDF by said multiple course names.

The kids are just going crazy for the Wistia video marketing platform for business these days. Wooooo! Yeah! Anyway, we added Wistia URLs to the whitelist, so now you can embed them in Lessons and other places in Populi.


When we added options to edit due date and posted date on invoices created on Profile > Financial > By Term, we neglected to add that to the Dashboard. We've amended our oversight.

That nice unlink-application feature we added a few weeks ago was kinda half-baked—we left links on the leads profile that wandered off to nowhere. We put it back in the oven and the thing is golden, crusty, and warm now.

We were marking people born in Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands as non-U.S. citizens. Sad! Happily, we're now counting those people correctly.

Dragging lower right to upper left in the document annotation viewer could cause your comments to save in the wrong spot. Dumb! We straightened that out.

Items on the financial history now display according to how they affect the person's balance. Postive items are black, negative items are red. Previous to this, all kinds of edge-case transactions wouldn't necessarily display in a sensible way. The new way, we think, is wonderfully sensible.

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