May 23 to May 27, 2016

Features & Improvements

There's a new tool in Account > Reporting > Integrations that lets the tech-minded among you check up on any alerts or messages generated by your school's various integrations: SPF, Google Apps, SAIG, Stripe, and As we add other integrations, those will be added to this tool, too.

Added a restore option to deleted assignments in the master change log. This option restores only the deleted assignment (and not any associated tests, discussions, etc.). So you should still be careful before deleting assignments!

We did the same thing for course evaluations, but when you restore those, you get the whole thing back. Still, be careful!

We also did the same thing for tags, but we also gave you the option to delete them in the first place!

Added an extremely obscure setting that lets you choose whether to count Unused Courses in the GPA calculations for the course group they'd otherwise be a part of. Let's say you have a "Remedial English" course group that requires 2 credits and contains two 2-credit courses (ENG98 and ENG99). A student takes both courses; ENG98 counts in the course group and ENG99 is considered Unused. If you enable this setting, the Degree Audit will make sure to count ENG99's grade in the Remedial English GPA. Here's the thing about this setting: grownups can't see it— only little kids(with the appropriate user roles, of course). If this setting sounds like something you'd enjoy, contact the child-like minds here at Populi and one of us will enable that for you.


If you were adding a new item or inventory segment to Bookstore, if you used an SKU from a deleted item/segment, Bookstore would fuss at you about it. Turns out Bookstore needed its blankie and a snack—a mozzarella stick, juicebox, and some updated code seem to have done the trick.

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