May 30 to June 3, 2016

Features & Improvements

This week, regrettably, featured no improvements. I know you saw what I did there, and I'm gonna just sit here a minute and enjoy the awed look on your face.


Donors with recurring donations were receiving not one but two email notifications every time their card was dinged. We'd do anything to reduce the amount of email you get (unless you want more email, in which case we'd do the opposite), so we stopped that second email from skittering out.

We recently added a setting that lets you disable the welcome email if your school uses SSO to authenticate users into Populi. And if you checked this setting, we wouldn't send the email. So far so good! However, we would pop up a little notice telling you that we did send the welcome email. It was a very annoying lie, but we're not gonna tell it again.

It was possible for users to enter a pursuing date for a degree that post-dated the granted date. This did wonderful things to the Students Table (it totally broke it). Rather than allow you to use Populi degree dates to bend time to your will, no matter its effect on the Students Table, we now make it unpossible! to do that.

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