June 6 to June 10, 2016

Features & Improvements

Another week, another lack of new features to announce. We moderns are so tickled by novelty; we love newness solely for the sake of newness, whether or not it's helpful, enjoyable, or encouraging of virtue. But tune in next week, because I think we're gonna release some new stuff!


Did you know it was once possible to enroll deleted people in courses? If this is the sort of thing you like to do (weirdo), well, too late: we found the code responsible for this nonsense and deleted it.

Likewise, if you were the kind of person who likes to delete course catalog stuff without being detected by the change log, those days are now over: catalog course deletions are now recorded. We're watching you.

There's a new citizenship filter option in the Admissions > Leads report. I guess this might count as a "feature" or an "improvement", but it was requested by a customer and is something we probably should have been doing anyway, so it counts as a bugfix.

We addressed numerous performance issues on the various Donations reports. We made them quit eating so much sugar and refined flour, and now they're all but sprinting around the track.

There were some edge case situations where a student who was only auditing courses would get charged tuition. Apparently this wasn't very popular with those auditors, and wanting to curry favor with them, we fixed the bug(s).

Shipping addresses weren't available via the Data Slicer. Like the aforementioned citizenship filter, this is something we should've had in there already.

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