June 13 to June 17, 2016

Features & Improvements

After weeks of no improvements, fortnight upon fortnight without innovations about which we may brag, behold, not one, not two, but five new features/improvements this week! The drought is over.

Improvement #1 is the return of something that had semi-inadvertently gone away. We now/again give you the option to email a student about a test exception (for availability, time limit, and proctoring).

Feature #1 is the addition of an Item Description column to the Charges/Credits export in Financial.

Feature #2 pertains to an upgrade to a feature that's still in beta testing, and thus merits no specific mention in these here Release Notes. Were we to tip you off with details about this beta feature, y'all would probably start camping out on our office lawn awaiting the release like we were selling tickets to Star Wars Episode VIII.

Feature #3 is a Campus filter on the student Registration page which only Academic Admins, Registrars, and Advisors can see.

Improvement #2 are some new things on the Academics > Reporting > Attendance view: a Faculty column, a Last Attendance column, and an Include courses with no attendance checkbox.

So, not so much five new things, but more like, oh, four-and-a-half (which is more than zero!).


Shipping and billing addresses weren't retrievable in the Data Slicer. But now you can head on over there and take some important steps in the shipping and billing process. That's right: you can get those addresses now.

Fixed a thing with the Common Cartridge importer that now lets us import Common Cartridge 1.1 Assessments. Powerful.

Found and snuffed out a really stupid page load issue (that no one complained about except for the developer who found it).

Fixed an issue we found with the organization ID column in the data .csv backup that we've been bragging about on the blog(the backups, not the issue).

If you hated a bunch of tags, you could delete them in Admin > Tags. But then those jerks would show up when you were setting up an online enrollment period. Obnoxiousness like that is part of the reason you wanted them deleted in the first place, right? We've made sure to let those tags know that they're not welcome 'round these parts no more.

A stray error may or may not have prevented you from accepting the occasional application. That error was taken to the error shelter and stuffed in a box with all the other errors we've caught.

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