September 22 to September 26, 2014

Features & Improvements

Updated how we grade put-in-order questions with partial credit. We also blogged about it!

You can now add an exception to an online test's time limit—so, if an individual student needs extra time to complete the test, you can now offer that to him.

Updated the course units by student setting in Academics > Settings: you can now select which user roles (Academic Admin, Registrar, Faculty) can manually-adjust a course's credits or hours.

Added the student's first name (in addition to their preferred name) in the financial history export.

Added a custom transcript variable for Exit Reason.

Added a setting in Academics > Course Evaluations > Settings that lets you include or exclude Teaching Assistants from course evaluations.

Added new term statement variables for Total Invoices and Total Balance.


Tweaked the library search to return better results—for example, if you search for a specific barcode, it now finds only that resource.

Fixed a bug that sent you to the internal inquiry form if you were logged in as an admin and completed the inquiry form.

Fixed a bug that killed the whole mailing list if the first recipient was an unsubscribed user.

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