June 20 to June 24, 2016

Features & Improvements

You can now have multiple donation receipt layouts. This is handy for when you accept donations in more than one currency—for example, you might take donations in both greenbacks and semolians. Having multiple donation receipt layouts helps make sure the receipts pass muster for both the Greenbackia Revenue Agency and the Semoliland Bureau of Taxation Without Representation. It also does the trick for real, non-fictional, non-joke agencies like the Canada Revenue Agency and the Internal Revenue Service.


The default filter for the Bookstore > Orders report looks at the last 30 days (counting today). However, today was looking at orders placed as of 12 AM today. Not very useful if someone placed an order at 12:01 AM. We changed that to look at orders placed as of 11:59 PM. Now it gets everything!

If you exported custom donation fields to XLS, we very helpfully gave you blank cells instead of information. Now we stick some information in there, and if rumors are to be believed, it is the correct information—the custom donations field value! Computers are incredible, aren't they?

Few, if any, of you noticed, but it took an inordinate amount of server activity to delete an assignment. But Patrick observed one day that every time someone deleted a course assignment, the hamsters in wheels that power this company had to run ten times as fast as normal, forcing us to use our backup coal-burning servers and belching thousands of pounds of coal ash into the air. Patrick fixed that deletion process, and the hamsters are now reclining on sunchairs around a tiny little swimming pool drinking these tiny, cute little daquiries complete with umbrellas and little straws. Awww!

We have a calculation for a yearly GPA * that could inflate the GPA by 0.2 grade points. All kinds of people were getting into grad schools they didn't deserve to get into and imperiling the future of this country, so we fixed the calculation and shattered those students' dreams and ambitions in the process.

We now let you track provisional data for a few more application statuses.

* In case you were worried, the Year GPA is a wholly distinct thing from the more commonly-used Term and Cumulative GPAs.

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