Independence Day to July 8, 2016

Features & Improvements

Localizations se puede traducir Populi por hablantes de otras lenguas. ¡Lea más en el blog de Populi!

Added an is not to report filters that let you search by Tag. It lets you find people to whom you've not given a particular tag.

Populi now looks different almost everywhere: new icons, simplified color scheme, and lots of little tweaks and adjustments to the interface.

On the back-end, we updated something called jQuery, which touches almost every button and drop-down in Populi (plus other things). You can't see it, but we can. We happy.

ID cards now have types(Student, Staff, etc.) that you designate in the interface; since you can have multiples of each card type, we also let you choose one as the default.

Added a setting for Library Staff that lets them add, edit, and delete resources, resource copies, subjects, and agents (producers, authors, etc.).

If you really like your Transcript Footer Text and want to include it on your custom transcript, well, now you can with the {!TRANSCRIPT_FOOTER_TEXT!} variable.


We used to, for some reason, let you re-arrange the first name, last name, and phone number fields on online reference forms. Not that we saved your changes or anything. Now those three fields stay where they belong, and nothing you do can move them, even temporarily.

You could not, for several weeks, insert variables into new communication plan emails. Ugh.

If you disabled bulletin boards, you nonetheless kept receiving bulletin board updates. Why oh why? That's been nipped in ye olde budde.

Payments made using the someone else paying? link on Profile > Financial > Dashboard would not go through if a certain, extremely edge-casey bug were triggered (the specific details are the dullest tech arcana I've had to read all week). That bug is but a stain on the pavement now.

In days of yore, we didn't let Advisors look at inactive students assigned to them. That's not always helpful, now, is it? We also changed the Course Mapping tab on the Student view to be read-only for Advisors.

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