October 6 to October 10, 2014

Features & Improvements

Added a Send Now button to online references—applicants no longer need to wait to submit their application before emailing a link to the online reference form.

You can now update a Student ID number via the API.

Added the "Export Helper"—which lets you add additional columns to the spreadsheet when you Export XLS—to Financial > Billing > Reporting > Charges/Credits and the Aging Report.

The State of Ohio looks sternly upon referring to Admissions Counselors as Counselors. To keep them from descending upon our Ohio customers with a wrathful fury, we changed the word "Counselor" to Representative


Fixed a couple bugs that prevented students from uploading files if their names or the filenames had characters like " / :, etc. 

Fixed dashboard alerts so they tell students about test availability exceptions.

A few errors were preventing users from exporting the Leads report. The errors are gone now.

Fixed some bugs that applied late fees for payment plans multiple times.

Fixed a bug that triggered tuition refunds for default tuition schedules whether or not they had been charged in the first place.

Tweaked a few things so that Registrars can now see all items listed under Student Info (including things like Room number).

Fixed a sorting bug with the Invoice/Credit # column in the Charges/Credits report.

Fixed a bug that threw an error when Library Staff users tried scanning books on the Pull List.

Fixed errors with the filter in the reports in Donations.

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