November 10 to November 14, 2014

Features & Improvements

The big news this week is graded discussions! You can now create discussion-type assignments and grade your students' participation. Read more about them in the Knowledge Base:

You can now include course groups as course prerequisites. By doing so, you indicate that if a student completes any course in that group, they will fulfill that prerequisite.


We now only include the Course descriptions checkbox when you're exporting the built-in PDF transcript (previously the checkbox appeared for custom transcripts, which was misleading).

Fixed a group of problems with the Clearinghouse report:

  • If the full term name was longer than 15 characters the header was the wrong length
  • We weren't including a status date for Withdrawn students if they didn't have an exit date
  • We were including programs even if the student wasn't enrolled in any courses for that program

Fixed some problems with the mean/median GPA calculations on the Analytics report.

If a student had an apostrophe in his name (I'm looking at you, Irishman), you couldn't edit their final course comment.

Fixed a tripwire students were encountering when exporting their custom financial term statement.

Fixed numerous problems with sorting in Donations that, frankly, broke the entire thing if you weren't careful.

Fixed an error that could cause a non-existent award disbursement to show on an aid award letter.

Fixed a problem that prevented you from effectively excluding holds from a loan policy.

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