November 17 to November 21, 2014

Features & Improvements

More Library updates!

  • Library search results now show resource copies—so searchers can instantly see where any available copies are without having to click through to the resource page
  • Library staff can now click # of holds to see a list of all the holds for a resource, and their associated data. They can also manage which resource copy the hold is on, or cancel the hold—all from the same dialog box on the resource page.
  • If you remove a resource copy from circulation, any holds on it will be transferred to the next available copy.
  • In Browse Resources, the sorting functions now ignore articles (The, A, An)

Non-degree-seeking students can now have standings. Such students nevertheless need to have a program... but we no longer require them to be in pursuit of a degree!

New filters in the Applications > Summary and Fields reports let you search by start date and submitted date.

Updated the XLS exporter so that it not only exports in .xlsx format, but also gives you a file with a human-readable name (6590848_00460929d31e0c8dd99cb74e1bbf2dfc.xls, for example, now exports as something like Export_Enrollment.xlsx). Ain't that nice?


Fixed the brokenness of fees that charged per clinical hour; the brokenness was observed when you would recalculate pending charges or re-adding a tuition schedule. This fix addressed a related problem: per-credit fees with a course group fee rule were triggering from enrollment in courses not included in that course group.

The transfer course dialog now display the Affects Standing checkbox regardless of whether you un-check Fulfills degree requirements.

In former days, you could not remove an anticipated completion date no matter what you tried. But now, you can.

If a faculty member tried navigating from her section of a course to a section of a course she was not teaching, she would get a tripwire. We no longer give them the option to navigate thusly.

If for some reason you wanted to list the same person both as faculty and teaching assistant for a course, you would get a grayscreen. You can now do so without getting a grayscreen.

Fixed up the Mailing List exporter to handle bigger lists of people.

Fixed a time zone bug in Discussions that messed with student-started discussions in Lessons as well as start/end times for any discussion that stretched the entire length of the course.

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