October 27 to October 31, 2014

Features & Improvements

Updated the course attendance tab. It now features ID photos (like the Roster), radio buttons for attendance status, and new action links to mark all students either Present, Absent, Tardy, or Excused.

Course equivalencies! You can now specify course equivalencies at the course catalog level. Effectively, this lets you substitute any course for any other in a student's academic history. For example, say you make ENG101 an equivalent of WRI101:

  • Students who took WRI101 will show that they have completed a degree course requirement for ENG101 on the Degree Audit.
  • Students who took ENG101 will be able to register for a course that has WRI101 as a prerequisite.
  • Students who need to retake ENG101 can take WRI101 instead.
  • And vice-versa for all of the above...

A few Library improvements:

  • Limited the resource type drop-downs on Library search to show only the resource types you currently have entered in Library.
  • You can now manually-pull Library resources.
  • If you hate pressing "Enter" on your keyboard for Library and Bookstore searches, there's now a Go button you can click.


Replaced the test timer plugin we were using owing to a suspected problem with tests appearing to time out too early.

Fixed a problem that wouldn't let users insert email variables or paste text in Internet Explorer 11.

Fixed some bugs that prevented certain courses from being included in course groups.

Hours in the enrollment history in Profile > Financial > By Term were pulling from the catalog course instead of the course instance.

Fixed a bug that let regular Staff members export SSNs when exporting a list of members from a Role page.


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