November 24 to December 5, 2014

Features & Improvements

Course equivalencies now impact both course and course group prerequisites. Say ENG101 and WRI101 are equivalents; ENG101 is included in the "Core" course group:

  • A student who takes WRI101 would qualify for courses that require ENG101 as a prereq
  • A student who takes WRI101 would qualify for courses that require the Core course group

You can now print a Hold Receipt on a library hold to attach to the resource copy you've pulled.

You can now upload files via the API.


Fixed a bug that prevented users from adding fields to library resources.

Squashed a deeply irritating bug in which the publisher field for library resources default to type Person, and the author field defaulted to Organization. Unbelievably, but that long dark night is over.

The Academic Progress report now includes accepted transfer credits in the cumulative credits column.

Fixed a bug that showed deleted tuition schedules as an option when manually adding charges.

When we released the new discussions stuff a few weeks ago, we had removed the ability for students to delete their own discussions. We gave that ability back to them!

Fixed a bug that prevented you from viewing comments on News articles.

Withdrawn students were not given a program status date on the Clearinghouse report. Fixed!

Fixed a bug where holds weren't getting automatically assigned a copy if the user left the default of 'First Available' selected.

Added the course numbers back to printed invoices in the description of tuition charges.

Fixed a bug with the XLS exporter that wouldn't let you export spreadsheets with exceedingly long names.

Fixed a bug that awarded quality points for courses a student failed for non-attendance.

Fixed a bug that required you to refresh the resource page after adding a copy.

Fixed a bug that "unpublished" a discussion if you edited the topic on a published discussion.

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