January 2 to January 9, 2015

Features & Improvements

You can now record donations received from organizations!

Last Day of Attendance is now available as a Data Slicer field. It's also now a custom transcript variable.

Improved the display of equivalent courses in the Degree Audit.

The old way:


The new way! Way better...


A couple improvements to Holds in Library:

  1. Set hold expiration when pulled instead of copy assigned
  • Previously we were setting the hold expiration date whenever a copy got assigned to the hold. This meant that your hold could (and probably often would) expire before it was ever pulled. So you'd add a hold and then eventually it would expire for no apparent reason without you ever being notified that you should come get it.
  • Show holds that have no copy assigned in Holds Report
    • Added a filter condition "awaiting a copy" which lets you see holds that haven't had a copy assigned yet.

    Added new stuff to the Financial Aid API:

    • getAidApplication
    • getAidApplicationForStudentAidYear
    • addAidApplication
    • editAidApplication

    Added an Exception Applied notice to the Degree Audit export.


    Fixed a bug that caused Failure for non-attendance grades to show on historic courses.

    Fixed a bug that threw an Internal 500 error when you'd try to print a label when viewing a Resource Copy in Library.

    Stopped showing loans on deleted resources on Library Patron profiles.

    The Data Slicer was sorting Academic Terms by Term, then by Year; we changed that to the other way around.

    Improved the XLS exporter so that numbers are exported as numbers rather than as text.

    When you delete an organization, we're now smart enough to remove it from all member profiles.

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