July 18 to July 29, 2016 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

We updated the Knowledge Base! It looks better, search is much-improved, and it should make it much simpler for you to find answers to your Populi questions.

The new Process Donation Payment function on Profile > Financial > Donations lets you record a donation and process the actual payment in one fell swoop (Stripe users can even set up a recurring donation using the dialog).

Speaking of recurring donations, those now support multiple currencies (which they didn't before...).

Organizations and tags are now searchable in Financial.

The Courses report in Academics > Academic Term now includes course start/end dates, section numbers, and student access yes/no in the XLS export.

You can now use the API to fetch every kind of transaction that would appear on a student's financial history.

The API also has a new getPersonLead call that lets you get all the lead info sets (active and inactive) attached to a person.

There's a new variable for a person's primary organization for bookstore receipts.

And transcripts now have a new variable for whether a given course affects the student's GPA.

Exporting a gradebook to XLS now includes final grades and auditor grades (if any).

The Financial Aid > Awards report now includes student decision dates in the export and as a filter condition.


Fixed a bug that didn't save your selection when you added faculty to a catalog course.

Likewise, adding educational history to a faculty member wouldn't save. Now it do.

The final grade in the gradebook acted erratically when you were updating assignment grades. Not erratic like a rabid animal—more like a confused squirrel that eventually figured out which end of the tree was up—but nonetheless we fixed it.

The Print button on student financial histories wasn't doing anything. Sad! We made it great again.

If you delete a file from a student profile, the Populi panopticon now changelogs that.

Combining the Academic Auditor role with Admissions Admin proved downright lethal to a user's ability to give someone the Student role.

Populi sometimes likes to order assignments thusly: Week 1, Week 10, Week 2, Week 3, etc. That's ridiculous! We ensmartened the thing that counts/alphabetizes so that stops happening.

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