August 15 to August 19, 2016 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

We put a few things out there this week that we're not gonna tell you about quite yet. But they're pretty cool. Don't you love it when people do that? I sure don't. I find myself really irritating right now.

Maybe this will make up for that: you can now use the API to create inquiries and add/remove degree and specialization information to/from them.


Some bugfixes are actually kinda improvements, but if they're improvements we should've included in the first place, the shame-factor bumps them down to bugfix. Isn't that interesting? That a bugfix is just as often determined by an emotional and theological concept like shame as it is by strictly technical considerations? Anyway, the finalize course page now shows FN next to those students who will receive that as a grade.

Here's another shame-based bugfix: We occasionally stumble upon copy in Populi that makes us shake our heads. Course group pages used to shove this notice in your eyeballs: "This course group has not been explicitly defined, but has been carried forward from the 2012-2013 academic year definition." Explicitly? Does this course group need one of those Parental Advisory stickers Tipper Gore used to lick and stamp onto Public Enemy CDs? Lordy! Such notices now read thusly: "This course group definition been carried forward from the 2012-2013 definition." Ahh. Shakespeare himself is golf-clapping from the grave.

The Allow Equivalencies column in the Degree Course Requirements panel on degree pages didn't show nothing (that's a double negative used to emphasize the absence of anything, and not a self-cancelling one). We now put a big fat check-mark there if equivalencies are allowed.

Fullscreen YouTube embeds weren't working in Lessons. I believe they are now.

There was a missing MIME type that wouldn't let you preview .docx files. I don't know what a MIME type is, but I do know there is now one more of those in Populi.

Files attached to custom admissions fields could sometimes pull a tripwire on Admissions users. We know you don't like surprises, so we got rid of that.

We changed the URL scheme for everything awhile back. Some of the course term and section selectors didn't like those URLs if you were a faculty user, but all things have been reconciled now.

The Degree Audit had a rounding problem which, for a brief time, displayed the wrong number of credits for courses.

We let you filter the Applications report by deleted applications. Such applications are now so marked AND they don't break the report anymore!

The LatestPosts in bulletin boards included deleted posts, which is preposterous.

Test availability exceptions didn't always work with always-available tests. Now test availability exceptions always work with always-available tests.

setProspectInfo wouldn't let you set any of the optional values, but a sharp rap with a ruler across its knuckles set it on the right path.

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