August 22 to August 26, 2016 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

The file uploader maximum file size is now 5 GB. That's FIVE gigabytes. Now, a gi ga byte is one ga zillion bytes; the term originated with the Ancient Greeks when Darryl, Socrates' childhood best friend, was backing him up in a fistfight in the agora and taunted the philosopher's opponent's childhood best friend with the searing taunt, Yo, ο άνθρωπος μου Σωκράτης είναι ένα gigazillion φορές πιο έξυπνοι από ό, τι το ανόητος σας, Γι 'αυτό σαν ένα δέντρο και να αφήσει. Fast-forward 2,500 years (give or take), and here we are: you can now upload preposterously large files, up to five gazillion bytes in size, just about anywhere in Populi.


When you successfully upload a file in a course that can be viewed in the document viewer, Populi would helpfully tell you, "This document is still being processed. Please try again in a few minutes." On Planet Reading-Comprehension, you would understandably conclude that the upload had failed. But the document viewer was located on Planet Finger-Up-Its-Nose and thought that was a perfectly fine thing to tell you. We sent a capsule up to retrieve it, and it's on the way back. For its first lesson, it has stopped telling you to Please try again... We hope to teach it more upon its return.

Fee Rule dropdowns would show you retired Specializations—so you could create fees that triggered when students started pursuing a Major you no longer offer! Consider them ensmartened.

The Financial Aid > Awards > Awards report now lets you export academic programs alongside all of the other wonderful information you can get there.

Back in the old days, if a feller had a graded discussion attached to a lesson, and then that feller went and deleted that lesson, why, then Populi wouldn't show that discussion on the discussions list (but it would show it on the assignments view). But with the marvels of modern computer technology, a feller can now find that graded discussion on the discussions list.

Course bulletin board posts are normally emailed to students. But if a student's email address was set to Private, no email! Schools gathered at our office doors with torches and pitchforks until we fixed it (which we did).

Everyone loves non-standard terms. Must be that built-in American sympathy for the underdog? Anyway, we wouldn't let you create those for a spell—even if you checked the box, Populi would just create a boring, mainstream, conformist standard term. The checkbox works now.

The degree audit, for whatever reason, liked to show inactive specializations by default. A little foil and duct tape seems to have done the trick.

The formatting whatsit on the Lesson editor failed to load if you worked on a number of lessons consecutively. Now it loads all the time.

Assignment sorting wasn't very good at dealing with Available to and Available from. Total pandemonium according to the AP, but Reuters was a little more balanced. Anyway, problem's fixed and there's nothing more to see here, folks.

Took the elves—the ones that match course books to bookstore books using ISBNs—to the spa for some R'n'R, and it worked wonders: they're doing a much better job of finding all the books in your courses available for sale in the bookstore (and telling your students about it, too).

Schools that use Google Apps now have the Enable Email checkbox in the Accept Application workflow. They didn't have that before!

Unswitcheroo'd some name switcheroos that could happen if you emailed an organization's members and later had a look at the org's activity feed.

Made sure that the Common Cartridge importer imported the this is the correct answer indicator for test questions.

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