September 5 to September 9, 2016 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

The developers claim to have added "a ton of stuff to the API". Web devs are a notoriously facile group, and so we'll let that claim to have made the application-program-interface 2,000 pounds heavier slide. However, it does appear that there are lots of new calls and functions and whatnot that let you get invoice details. To-wit:

  • getInvoice (includes an item-by-item breakdown and lots of other related details)
  • getFees
  • getTuitionSchedules
  • getMealPlans
  • getRoomPlans
  • getMeSmallCoffeeCreamNoSugar

There's a new alert on course dashboards that lets you know when students have no attendance record for a meeting time. 'Cos sometimes students get missed when you're taking attendance! Clicking the alert takes you straight to the take-attendance screen.


Fixed a disgusting bug that messed up term statements when you exported them in bulk.

Addressed a revolting error that clipped a couple columns off the end of the course evaluations export.

Dealt with an incorrigible problem that would let you create standings tags that were the same as already-existing system tags.

Repudiated a vile line of code that let you enter ACT scores that were outside the normal range of ACT scores, and that which then compounded the issue by including such wretched scores in reports that depict ACT averages.

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