How do I give someone a new username (and system email address)?

Strictly speaking, you can't change someone's username. You can, however, remove someone's user access and then immediately re-add them as a user with a new username. You'll follow this same process if you need to change someone's system email address. For more details about usernames, you'll want a look at this article.

  1. Click Active User.
  2. Select Is not a user from the status drop-down.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Again, cick Active User.
  5. Select Is a user from the status drop-down.
  6. Give her the new username.
  7. Choose an alternate email to which Populi should send the Welcome email.
  8. Click Save.

A few notes

  • Is your school using Google Apps for Education (or whatever it's called this week *) with Populi? Removing user access will disassociate this person's account from any corresponding account in your Google Apps setup. Neither their email, nor their account, will be deleted.
  • This article describes how to free up a deleted/inactive username for re-use by a new user account.

* As of this writing, seems to be called Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals...

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