September 19 to September 23, 2016 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Added a call to the API named createFinancialAidDisbursementBatch. You can use it to, I dunno, upload the cafeteria menu to your college blog. Or something? Still trying to figure out what exactly it does. Maybe it's time for more coffee?

Added some filters to the Analytics reporting tool, which should finally make Populi more popular than Facebook (our goal all along):

  • Added an Any, Academic, Non-Academic filter to Attempted Hours and Attempted Credits
  • A new filter lets you control the types of student statuses ( enrolled, etc.) to include


Searched for and destroyed an error that gave certain users a 500 error when trying to view embedded documents.

It was once possible to break Populi by deleting the default term selected in Academics > Settings. That is now impossible.

If multiple bookstore staff went to Point of Sale they could possibly end up working on the same order. Imagine the chaos! This terrifying situation has been amended.

Did you know you can print out an entire ISIR? I hear they make for stimulating reading. James Hill keeps a sheaf of Populi-printed ISIRs on his bedside table. Anyway, we improved a bunch of bug-esque items on those, chiefly to do with how certain fields were formatted. Put another one on the board for Civilization.

Fixed a problem with exporting ID cards from Firefox.

The {!PREVIOUS_DEGREES!} transcript variable (all document variables are shouted, apparently) is now more smarter than before, fetching only degrees that started before the current degree's start date.

Nipped a problem in the bud that could create a $0 balance if you marked an unpaid invoice uncollectible and then flipped it back over to collectible.

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