October 3 to October 7, 2016 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Fine-tuned assignment sorting to deal with occasional randomness—like how B's, C-'s, F's, etc. could get all jumbled together when you sorted by grade.

There's a new Active (Yes/No) filter condition on the Funnel Report in Admissions. It comes in grape, orange, and sour apple.

Populi users love transcript variables, and we love to be loved. Here are the new ones we dropped (that means added in this context) this week:

  • {!PROGRAM_GPA_UNITS!} - Total resident program credits/hours that we use in the GPA calculation
  • {!TRANSFER_GPA_UNITS!} - Total transfer credits/hours that we use in the GPA calculation
  • {!OVERALL_GPA_UNITS!} - Total resident program + transfer credits/hours that we use in the GPA calculation

Added address fields to the Record a Donation dialog.


We let you hide overdue notices from students, but up until recently, you had to have online payments enabled to do so. That's a weird thing to have strung together, so we snipped that thread.

Adding a course to a term did not list the catalog course faculty for the course. Of course, we found this course of events deleterious to the course, and coursing through the code, we found the issue from which this glitch coursed. Reversing course, we properly corseted the code in order that the course faculty listed in the catalog course is now coursed in to the primary course faculty field in the term course instance.

The subject line in application emails (e.g. Your application with SYZYGY COLLEGE) included a completely unnecessary & at the end. We put eight engineers and three outside contractors on the problem, and two weeks and $458,334.89 later, we fixed it.

populi lets u use markdown in text boxes and special characters in passwords which is totally and lol sometimes if u used those we'd think you were doing a sql injection and we'd block you lol but we stopped doing that

At one time, frowny-faces resulted if you tried entering a negative number in a Data Slicer field, but now smiley-faces happen. Also, better, more useful report results.

If you created a brand-new communication plan and immediately started adding events to it, we very helpfully wouldn't save those events. Now we save those, and it's actually very helpful—unlike the sarcastic very helpful I just used to describe the problem.

If you pressed enter after creating a new to-do template, Populi would all of a sudden get real ugly. Now it remains pretty.

Adding images to email signatures could blank out all the other content in an email in some cases. That's ridiculous! Now in order to make that happen, you'll need to manually delete all the other content. Which would make you, not us, the ridiculous one.

Preset IPEDS reports now let you have different IPEDS IDs. Why? In just one word, Courage.

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