Downloading 2024-25 ISIRs with FTI-SAIG

If you're using our DoED integration features to process financial aid in Populi, you'll be pleased to know that Populi can now connect to FTI-SAIG and automatically download ISIRs for 2024-2025. Here's the quick overview pending update of the official documentation.

  • We've added new FTI-specific settings to Financial Aid > Settings > DoED Integration:
    • FTI Mailbox
    • FTI Password (this is your FTI FTP/Mailbox password—NOT your normal EdConnect Passsword!)
    • FTI Approval Code
    • FTI Runtime/Certificate File
    • FTI Config/INI File
  • The information you'll need to fill in these settings can be downloaded from FTI-TDCM.
    • You can generate a temporary password on Participants > Change Password link.
    • If you generate a password like this, you MUST select the Let Populi Update FTI-SAIG password option in Populi DoED settings. This is because the temporary password you create in FTI-TDCM cannot be used directly by Populi.
    • If you don't want Populi to manage your FTI SAIG password, you can create a temporary password and then use EdConnect to reset it into a real password. You can then enter this new password in Populi and leave the Let Populi Update FTI-SAIG password option unchecked.
  • Once you enter all your FTI settings into Populi, you can see the status of your FTI SAIG integration on Financial Aid > DoED > SAIG Log under the new FTI-SAIG section.
  • Populi will check the FTI-SAIG system roughly every 30 minutes (just like the older SAIG integration) and download files. However, the FTI SAIG downloads happen on a separate 30-minute timer, so don't expect both types of files to show up simultaneously.
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