January 15 to January 19, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

We added the mass tag/untag function to all the reports we could find in Admissions.

Upgraded the 1098-T setting on aid award types to include a "Tuition Discount" option. This lets you specify where exactly to include a given grant on the IRS 1098-T form. We also tightened up the options for handling loans on the 1098-T. We think people are gonna have a lot of fun with this.

Tuned up the iOS and Android apps a little bit this week.


Cleaned up the exporting of faculty and advisor names so it's more consistent across the various reports.

Abbreviation time: we fixed an error the Fall Enrollment XML export would chuck up when you submitted it to IPEDS.

If you were trying to add Library resources using LCCN or OCLC numbers, you were up the proverbial creek without the proverbial paddle—that is, until we swam up the creek towing the Populi Party Barge with our teeth and tossed you a paddle in the form of a bugfix.

Fixed a problem wherein we wouldn't let you delete the first academic year in your system because, well, we don't know why.

The Clearinghouse report needed to exclude programs that don't grant academic credit, but didn't, apparently. Now it does.

Added some back-end checks to make sure that no one can submit an application without responses for ALL of the required fields.

Tuned up some stuff with leave of absence end dates—if a student was set to take a course that overlapped with their LOA and later was removed from that course, we'd nonetheless automatically delete the LOA.

Converted getCourseCatalog API task to use CatalogCoursesFilter. Let me be straight with you: I have no idea what this means.

Added getVoidedTransactions to the API to fix an issue with those sorts of transactions being pretty awful to find using the API.

When editing groups and assignments in Course > Assignments, we were showing a deeply unhelpful time of 12:00AM on the end date (instead of the supremely helpful time of 11:59PM).

Assignments visible to students but not yet available AND included in a Lesson were not displaying for hapless students in the Course > Assignments view.

Fixed an issue where students could see files uploaded for other students in the Assignment > Enter Grades interface.

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