January 22 to January 26, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

I know it's not something we released this week, but you should have a look at the cool ways you can take attendance in Populi's iOS and Android apps.


In days of yore, getTermStudents, getStudentInfo, and getPerson always returned image data. Now in our sleek, modern era, image data is optional.

'Twas a time when marking an incomplete student as complete changed his enrollment date to the current date. Well, this isn't your grandfather's Populi. This is an edgy, in-your-face Populi that now keeps the original, correct enrollment date.

In the hazy distances of the past, global course evaluation reporting results didn't always match up with the results from individual evaluation reporting results. But marching steadfastly into the future, its back turned to the past and its outdated mores and customs and glitches, Populi now makes sure those results match up.

The checkboxes on the 1098-T report, back in the day, wouldn't save your adjustments. But this is today, and tomorrow's on its way (sooner than you think!), and inconsistent 1098-T checkbox behavior has no place in the future. Not if we have something to say about it. Which we do.

In former times, our Country selectors displayed "Zaire" intead of "Democratic Republic of Congo". In latter times—these times—the selectors display "Democratic Republic of Congo".

In a time we can now ignore, when students moved from the waitlist to being enrolled in a course, the changelog for various aspects of that change displayed in the changelog as being authored by the student that dropped the course to make way for the student who was enrolled. But now those changes correctly state that they were made by The System; lo, we have even gone back and rewritten history so that the changelogs proclaim the benificence of The Most Glorious System.

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