January 29 to February 2, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

You can now customize the format Populi uses to automatically generate usernames.

Do you like letters and numbers in course section numbers? For fans of that kind of thing, we now let you add alphanumeric section numbers.

Updated something deep in the recesses of Populi to incorporate something called Font Awesome 5, which means the icons look perhaps a little newer, a little fresher, a little... awesomer (but certainly not in the older sense of the word, which indicates stunned reverence; more in the newer sense of the word, which just means "neat" or "cool").

The Bookstore > Orders export now includes contact information for your convenience and even the convenience of others.

There's a new API call that lets you update the "No Mailings" flag.

We updated the background images for all the various Canadian tax forms we generate.

Added a new retake setting that lets you keep a students earliest grade when he retakes a course. There's also a new Retake Display setting that most of you will never, ever care about.

Added a new setting that lets you decide which entrance term to include in reports when you report on students with multiple entrance terms.

Added a program start date filter to the Data Slicer.


If Populi fails to process an email when copying to your dropbox, it triggers a "processing email failed" notification. One thing this notification failed to mention was the email address which had failed. We ensmartened this notice so you can now make a data-driven decision or perhaps take a data-driven action.

Maybe you never noticed, but before this week, whenever we recached (that's a computer word...) academic data (which we do a million times a week), we deleted all student honors and then re-added them. Quoth a developer, "This is really, really stupid, and after this fix, Populi should be less stupid." And lo and behold, now it is.

Added a tidbit to the attendance items in a course changelog—now we show you which course meeting attendance was taken for.

We now make sure to pass along all payer billing info details for eCheck transactions.

Fixed a wonky display thing that re-arranged how completed evaluations would appear on admissions applications.

The 10-character limit on the License Plate field was getting tripped up by special characters like &. And we were just not having that. Oh, no sir, we were not gonna have that.

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