February 5 to February 9, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

You can now set up and send preset messages from Campus Notifications. Have a look at the polished-and-updated article to learn more.

We gave the Data Slicer a new Verified Email filter condition.

We also gave it a Timeframe filter that lets you report on a person's membership in an organization.

We added a few new columns to the Academic Term > Courses and > Schedule exports:

  • Add/Drop deadline
  • Access dates
  • aaaand Section number (in its own column)


Fixed an error that irrupted into your day when you clicked a file that was uploaded to an assignment comment (feedback on a peer review file assignment, for example).

Updated the Pell Grant tables so Populi's auto-calculation reflects the brand new 2018-2019 Pell schedule.

Did some more stuff to T2202As to deal with the bizarre Education Tax Credit situation the Canadian government and certain provinces have inflicted on those who must contend with the 2017 tax year (this piggbacks on other updates from several weeks back).

U.S. schools that were using the Canadian tax forms were not including non-resident aliens in the various associated reports.

Financial > Accounting > Transactions now has a Voided By filter in the report and columns for Voided By and Voided Time in the export.

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