February 12 to February 16, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

It's all pretty technical-sounding (mostly a bunch of abbreviations), but we did a bunch of things to shore up Application and Inquiry forms against spam.


Found a bug—well, a customer found it—where discipline records linked to one program were showing up for the naughty student's other programs. We thought about leaving it just to teach the punks a lesson, but I guess we're just a bunch of softies.

'Twas a bug where withdrawn students weren't showing a date of last attendance on the Academic Progress report in Financial Aid, for which we are very very very sorry.

Found a bug—and let's be clear: we found this one, not you guys—where the navigation tabs would stay lit up even after you went to a different tab. Sometimes you might even have two tabs lit up at the same time. For example, you go to Communications and then click Admin—and they'd both be lit up! Completely horrifying. Anyway, we found it and we even fixed it. You're welcome.

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