February 19 to February 23, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Moved the Recalculate term charges function from Profile > Financial > By Term to Billing > By Term. This function is available for Financial Admin users and lets you recalculate all non-invoiced charges to catch any changes (say, an updated fee rule) just before you invoice.

Added a setting that permits financial users to enter a credit card number without requiring the CVV code at the same time.

Tweaked the Common Cartridge importer so that even when an admin or registrar runs the import, materials like discussions show as having been authored by the course's primary faculty. Another tweak ensures that graded discussions are imported correctly—with an assignment and discussion that are properly linked.

Added some stuff to the Transfer Credits report filter and export:

  • Status Updated: When was the transfer credit's Status last updated?
  • Added Date: When was the transfer credit added to Populi?
  • Updated Date: When were other items about the TC last updated?
  • To the XLS export we added Status Updated, Added Time, and Last Updated.

Gave the course evaluations report a Catalog Course filter that lets you add all instances of a given course. For example, you could use it to report on all the evaluations turned in for ENG101 across a range of terms (without having to select every section of ENG101).

Popped some Email Faculty functions on the Academic Term > Courses report.

Ensmartened the full-time/part-time calculations for T2202As to help catch some edge-case situations where part-time students would be confused for full-time students.


Fixed a dumb bug that broke the enrollment verification letter when a student tried printing it.

Addressed an idiotic problem with mailing lists that would merge people with contact info into people without contact info, thereby producing mailing labels, for example, with no address.

Another brainless confustication with mailing lists: removing people from an email to a mailing list would also remove them from the mailing list itself.

Stomped this cretinous codebarf: we'd pretend to let you send an email to an email address marked No Mailings, but we wouldn't actually send it, and why would we let you think that in the first place?

Demolished an insipid software error that did not include CCs and BCCs on email automations.

Gutted and cleaned a foul bottom-dweller that triggered Self-enrollment automations when a student moved from a course waiting list to enrolled.

gxhsydlnsdfded a potrzebie jszrrrk that threw an error and broke the report if you tried exporting the Donations report and included tags.

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    Rachel Mower

    Cretinous Codebarf is now the name of my industrial funk house band. We are about to drop our first ambient trance gospel album. Stay tuned. Will you require royalties?


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    Abigail Zimmerman

    Only if gxhsydlnsdfded a potrzebie jszrrk is a title track. When/where can I purchase the album?

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