February 26 to March 2, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

You can now designate a custom delivery method as Online/Distance Education for purposes of reporting to IPEDS (before long, this will also help you with online attendance.

You can now fetch more detailed discipline information about a person using the API.

Nothing that you'll see, but you'll benefit from it: we expanded the blacklisting capabilities for your donation forms to all the public-facing forms in Populi (like applications). Should cut down the nonsense you might occasionally see from the bad actors out there.

Added columns for Grade Points and Quality Points to the Enrollment XLS exports.


Fixed a bug where if you deleted a consequence from Campus Life it would keep getting triggered by wayward, disobedient students with no more sense than a kitten.

Fixed a bug with localizations that would result in untranslated items on admissions applications.

If you added multiple due date exceptions to an assignment, the newer exceptions would overwrite the old ones. Which was not what we intended!

Got rid of an extremely helpful notice that informed you when a student had "0 courses that are not mapped to a program".

Fixed something we shouldn't have broken in the first place: finalized incomplete students couldn't submit coursework; we'd recently added a bunch of stuff to make sure they could. Dumb!

Fixed some of the ways fields display for ISIRs. For example, we had hard-coded the year "2016" into a few places, and that's a totally inappropriate way to treat stuff for the year 2018. Oh, turns out we didn't do that.

Did a vivid cortex query cleanup to address some pftjschute-passencoring issues inheritort'd from slithy toves. Actually, it sped up some of the reports (like the course catalog).

Certain tags wouldn't export from the Applications report. By all accounts, those tags now do.

The Email Students function was disrespecting the Include unfinalized courses checkbox when emailing a filtered list.

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