March 5 to March 23, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Plagiarism-checking with Unicheck is now available in Populi! Read all about it...

We also added an integration with BigBlueButton that enables web conferencing in Populi courses. More details forthcoming, but if you're eager to get started, feel free to contact Populi customer support.

The cool stuff we mentioned about online attendance tracking a few weeks ago is now live.

Upgraded the Citizenship field so that you can record multiple citizenships for people that have such.

Added an electronic signature line to the transcript request form.

There's now a setting that lets you shut off the automatic randomization of submissions given to students to review in peer review assignments.

While we were at it, we added an option to Peer Review assignments that lets students see their peers' submissions before they submit their own.

Added a warning to the various places where a student can register for a course that warns the user when they've registered the student for a course she's already passed.

The Data Slicer hath now the Course Section filter foretold of old in the scrolls and parchments of our fathers and our forefather's father's fathers.

Woo hoo!!!!!!! Course books and supplies are now available via the API!!!!!!!

You can also use the API to fetch all the users, active or inactive, for your school.


Added a column for faculty email addresses to the course table export because it just kinda felt like it needed that.

Fixed some behind-the-scenes math ("math s" for our British users) that could occasionally cause students with 100% of their attendance hours to show strange hours totals (e.g. 29.97 hours...).

Fixed a buggity-bug that replaced the reply-to in an Email template with the current user's own email address. There was another problem with ampersands turning into &, which we fixed, too.

Found a course syncing bug that would lose course files when you created a new section where Sync was set to Yes.

Under certain circumstances, the Send Transcript function would show you a PDF preview with only one program but would actually send a PDF transcript including all of a student's programs.

Sped up the load times for Course Roster pages and Change Logs by getting rid of stuff we shouldn't have put in there in the first place.

Fixed a permissions error with downloading Tin Can files when those files were part of a course that had been cloned.

For a very late Christmas present, we gave the Course Catalog export a column for Co-reqs.

A wise man once asked us, "Can we add the billing address to the page for donations made by eCheck?" And we were all, "Um, yeah, sure..."

The Degrees column in the Export Helper would only yield information about whether a degree was Granted and not other cool stuff like Active/Inactive.

The Donations Details XLS export was spitting out numbers in the form of idiotic text strings.

Course Evaluation previews weren't displaying embedded evaluations.

Un-broke some problems with donation soft credits. One problem was that doing a soft credit with an organization would break the thing; the other was that you could duplicate soft credits on donation pages.

Fixed a display error in Localizations that duplicated translated fields.

That signature line thing on transcripts mentioned above in Features & Improvements almost immediately coughed up some "Signature Required" errors for some users.

Uploading images directly to Lessons did not actually result in a saved, embedded image.

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