March 26 to March 29, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Gave some Term GPA variables to Discipline Letter Templates.

Other than that, since we kinda went nuts last week with the plagiarism-detection thing and the BigBlueButton thing, we decided to be stingy with the new features this week. All we got for you today is a bunch of bugfixes...


Uploading images directly to lessons wasn't working (embedding or linking to an image URL worked fine, though). Now absolutely everything about that works perfectly unless there's something they're not telling me.

" was displaying in place of regular ol' quotation marks in notification emails sent for application questions. We found the developer responsible for this and fired him, wishing poverty and homelessness upon him and his children's children's children. But then we hired him back so he could fix the bug, which he did, and we ended up having a pizza party in his honor.

The Donors report did not enjoy it when you used the equals 0 or less than or equal to 0 filters. I think it was just a little stressed out: a little acupressure and some R&R fixed the problem.

Awards were not displaying in the same order on Financial Aid Award Letters as they were in Populi. To address this rift in the space-time continuum we had to rocket a plutonium-powered Tesla Roadster into a black hole, which actually took way less time than we thought!

The mobile apps were showing final course grades (for finalized courses) for students even when there was a grade/transcript lock in effect. We were completely disgusted by this so we deleted the app from all our phones. That didn't fix anything, though, so we got the pizza-party developer to fix the problem. Now he thinks he deserves another pizza party. Give a mouse a cookie...

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