April 2 to April 6, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

You probably noticed that we changed the font.

My Courses is a new navigation view for faculty and students. The Dashboard view shows you a quick summary of your current courses (and some past and future courses) including alerts, grades, and attendance stats. The All Courses view shows a complete list of all the courses the student has taken or the faculty member has taught.

Made a subtle—but important and helpful, we believe—tweak to how financial aid disbursements are matched to new invoices. We now attach scheduled disbursements by disbursement date, giving preference to earlier ones. So, if you like to schedule grants to be disbursed before loans, Populi now gives those grants preference when matching scheduled aid to invoices.

We now export Mailing Lists as .csv files, which are much better-equipped to handle large lists.

Transaction number is now a variable for Bookstore receipts.

Faculty name is now a custom transcript variable—it produces the faculty member's Populi display name.

If a recurring payment fails, now we send financial admins an email about it. Because people love annoying/bad news that arrives through email.

There are new API calls that let you block or unblock a user.

And there's new data for some older API calls: we added Max. Enrolled and Max. Auditors to getCourseInstanceand getTermCourseInstances.


Fixed something where all-day calendar events were buh-reaking the Dashboard view of the mobile apps.

Fixed 'nuther calendar thing where we were shoving all possible courses into certain users' calendar exports and thereby making them look all buh-roken.

Was some real bad mathematics that could happen when summin' up assignment group weights, and we went and put a stop to that.

Fixed thisyere thing that caused aid to be unapply'd from invoices when you changed that-thur disbursement date through the API.

If'n a student had played a required movie or song or somesuch in the embedded media player in one a them lesson things—y'know, the ones in courses?—then the lesson weren't counting the student as having com-puh-leted that part. But now ever'thang works.

The Data Slicer wanted a column for Resident Alien so we done added it to there.

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