April 16 to April 20, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Started changelogging updates made to student degree status and basic info.

We love filters, and you love them, too! We gave the Enrollments report a Department filter and the Advised Students report a Term filter.

A new financial setting lets you add the College Payer Number to your T4A forms.

The API's getCourseInstanceand getTermCourseInstancescalls now fetch you course access dates.

Speaking of the API, you can now use removeUserto revoke someone's user access.

New options for automations: you can now get updates when an individual item from someone's contact information changes.


Made sure that Populi emails everyone in the known universe whenever a comment or reply is posted to a course bulletin board.

Bulletproofed a few things with tests to make sure students can't get more test attempts than what they are allowed. We got out our old-fashioned tommy guns and fired at it like a bunch of OLD SCHOOL GANGSTERS and the bullets just bounced off it as if being repelled by SUPERMAN, THE MAN OF STEEL.

Tuned up the API's addApplicationthingy to make sure it works when the application's fee payment is set to Before Submitted. It used to not work if there was a fee at all.

GIFs weren't working on the News Feed. We love us some GIFs and found this intolerable.

Faculty used to be able to see a Staff user's to-dos. Not no more.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't let you save certain inputs on Localization translations.

Sometimes the One at a time attendance function on the mobile apps would get confused and skip over a bunch of students. Gave it an IV bag of fluids and some concentration exercises and it's way less confused now.

If you set a term-based custom student field using the Data Slicer, the interface wouldn't let you choose a term. This led to other problems, like not being able to further update student information for students so affected. We decided to fix it because that's what you're paying us for.

Course section ordering on the term Courses report was dry, bland, tasteless... and totally out of order, too. We hit it with a few generous drops of "Uncle Joel's Natural Sort Sauce" (made with apple cider vinegar and no fewer than five different kinds of capsica) and now our taste-testers find course section ordering to be incredibly savory and mouth-watering. We're sure you will, too.

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    Susan Lawlor

    I found this article to be both helpful AND tasty!

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    Sam Horowitz

    What does "New options for automations: you can now get updates when an individual item from someone's contact information changes" mean? What automations where?

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