April 30 to May 4, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Updated the edit interface on Profile > Info. Before, you hovered over an item to see your options. Now you click the new dots to get a field-specific list of edit/update options.

Added a few new variables for email and letter templates:

  • Sender Work Phone
  • Sender Mobile Phone
  • Sender Work email address

Updated the ACT scoring categories.

Gave the Change Log and Logins report (in the Account section) a new timeframe filter (Change Log also got a new type filter).


Made sure that custom fields work propertly on Enrollment Agreements, which is a thing they didn't always do.

We made sure that you can't remove the Staff role from your school's Billing Contact and Populi Account Administrators.

If you added a discount to a Bookstore order and then removed that discount like some kind of cold, heartless money-grubber, the order would not generate an associated GL transaction.

Tightened a few screws on how terms maps to the Clearinghouse report's term and enrollment status categories.

If someone were to return items to the Bookstore from an order that had a discount applied, the refund amount would not respect the discount—and you could end up refunding someone an amount higher than what they had paid. Horrifying!

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