May 7 to May 11, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

This week featured no improvements to Populi—that you can see. We're doing all kinds of fun stuff here at the office, though. When we get bored of playing with the new stuff we'll let you have a turn.


There was a heated debate about whether this should be considered a new feature or a bugfix. As you can see, I won the debate (it helps that it was my own internal debate (that nonetheless included a lot of name-calling)): it's a bugfix.

I suppose I should mention what I'm talking about... various importers (Common Cartridge, Regent8, MaRC, etc.) didn't used to specify what kind of file extensions you should be uploading. Now if you upload something any of those importers don't like, you get a nasty red message bar along the top of the screen and your upload won't work. That'll learn ya.

We fixed some problems with spouse names and mail merges and mailing lists. The big problem was that spouse names weren't appearing, which kinda put some egg on the face of the Spouse Options on the Mailing List page.

The handy ol' Import Test function in online tests was neither handy nor functioning if you tried importing a test from an older academic term. But we got that button working like a champ now. Enjoy!

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