May 21 to May 25, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

It's GDPR day! We've added a few new features, updated our Privacy Policy, and wrote about the updates. Here are the new features:

  • The new GDPR report in Admin helps identify people who may be EU citizens but for whom a lawful basis for data processing has not been recorded. It lists people who have EU citizenship, whose primary address is in an EU country, or whose home country is in the EU. You can then decide whether to start tracking lawful basis on a person-by-person basis.
  • On Profile > Info, you can track lawful basis for a person under Other Info. If you set a person's Citizenship field to an EU member nation, you'll then have the option to add a data processing basis to her; Populi can also automatically track lawful basis by looking at certain events—for example, the person is given a user account.
  • We've also built a data export tool that lets people retrieve a copy of all of the data you are storing about her. Your school's Populi Account Administrator can send a data archive for any person in the system. Active users can also download their own personal data archives.

You can now record Gift-in-kind donations on donor profiles.

Added a new report in Communications: Problem Emails. This lets you easily track down emails that have received bounce reports or have otherwise been marked undeliverable.

You can now clone a student's admissions application. This option preserves the student's answers on the application in case she decides to put off applying to a subsequent year—this way, you preserve the record of this year's application and the subsequent application without her having to re-enter all her responses.

There's a new "bio" feature—users can add a brief bio right under their profile pictures. If you'd rather not permit students to do this, you can disable that feature for them in Account > Security.

The new Header Link Color setting (in Account > Appearance) lets you set the color of the navigation links in the header. This lets you use dark navigation link text against a light background header, if that's what you're into.

The student discipline dialog now lets you select whether to add the disciplinary action's system tag to the student.

You can now customze the email that's sent when you offer a student a financial aid award (or awards).

Prorated Refund Policies are now a little more flexible: you can choose when the proration period starts and ends (rather than have it automatically key off term start/end dates).


Found a problem in the iOS app's search that rendered it unable to find so much as the nose on its face.

You can now use addStudentProgramto set the student's program start date. Previously you could only use it to suggest t-shirt sizes.

Fixed the ordering of the categories in standardized tests, which in former times we were just all totally rando about.

If you used your keyboard to select a tag (which you're totally allowed to do), we'd give you a totally worthless and untrue Tag already done been selected, bro error.

In the edit user dialog, the Enable Email checkbox was toggling the alternate email field, which it seriously wasn't supposed to be doing.

Made sure that the Funnel Report export included everyone's PopuliID, without which it is impossible to get ahead in society.

If you made a student inactive, any degrees with future start dates were not also inactivated, which was really embarrassing.

Fixed a problem with the MaRC importer wherein it was pretending to work but was actually snoring on the couch with Doritos crumbs all over its shirt.

Added ZIP codes to the Donors and Donations report filters.

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