June 4 to June 8, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Emergency Contact information is now available in the mobile apps.

Added is_active_user information to the API's incredibly popular getPersoncall.


We sped up the Chart of Accounts and Journal Entry pages because they could be real foot-draggers. Not quite as bad as the 10-year-old kid you asked to unload the dishwasher, but still pretty pokey.

Fixed some issues with term selectors in the Data Slicer that could make your query fail so hard that one of the guys here would get emails about it that annoyed him so much he fixed the problem even though no one reported the issue.

Cleaned up a few things on the GDPR data archive request form that looked a little scuffed-up if the person didn't have an email address on their profile.

If a course's Progress setting was flipped to Not visible to students and you finalized an individual student, that poor creature's final course grade wouldn't display on his My Courses view.

If you were in a graded discussion and also a faculty member and you took leave of your professorial dignity and posted some dreadful, stupid picture and you suddenly came to your senses and then tried to delete the horrid visual inanity, you would get not a sense of relief of having removed that putrid idiocy from a place where your students can see it but rather an accusing, red error bar that said You are not authorized to perform this action. I mean, it was bad—not even the GDPR could make it disappear (which was the whole reason those Belgians wrote that law). But now it just goes away when you delete it.

If you were applying financial aid to a non-term invoice and then applied a payment plan to that invoice, the payments would not subtract the financial aid amount.

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