June 11 to June 15, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Some new variables for y'all!

  • {!STUDENT_MASKED_SSN!}is ready for all your enrollment agreements...
  • {!DEGREE!}is ready for your student ID cards...
  • And {!WE'RE!}ready for the weeeeeekend...


On course start/end dates, students would see duplicate courses listed under My Courses. We were happy to let this one go, but then all the students started going to those courses twice on those days, and confusion and chaos reigned at all of our customers' campuses.

When an Academic Admin deleted a course evaluation that was attached to courses, you could not then attach a new evaluation to those courses. Now when you delete an eval, it frees up that sweet sweet evaluation space in which a new eval can take up residence.

Fixed an error that occurred when you tried to charge bookstore items to account without selecting a term. And the error was this: it would tell you to select a term, and then wouldn't let you. We realized we were running a script on that page called STOP_HITTING_YOURSELFso one of the guys just commented that out.

Cleaned up matters visible and invisible on the new Problem Emails report in Communications. That report is now completely amazing.

Files with double-quotes in the filename were non-uploadable in Safari and Firefox.

Aid Applications that were still in Setup were nonetheless sending emails to the applicant, which was totally blowing your cover.

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