July 2 to July 3rd and then July 5 to July 6, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Added a Course Department filter to the Enrollments report. We also include a column for it in every XLS or CSV export—free!

You'll also find a fresh new Tag/Untag Results function on that there report. Works just like the one in the Data Slicer. I think the developers just did a copy-paste, actually. Their job is soooo easy (my job is to make it sound difficult, and I'm really blowing it right now).

Stuck a column containing the Populi_IDfield in the IPEDS XLS export. Act now and you can get the first half-million exports included with your monthly Base Rate.

Appended some incredible new columns on the Term Book List export: Added on DATEand Faculty Primary Name.


Added a more explanatory warning when you entered bad credentials for your Unicheck integration. Previously we'd give you some kind of smiley face that said, "Great job!" Now we taunt you mercilessly until you change the credentials to the correct one, and even after you do that, we throw in a few more insults just to get the point all the way across.

If you exported the Scheduled Events report, the Completed column for to-dos wouldn't show you any checkmarks, forcing you to re-do all those to-dos IRL.

If a student tried to accept a partial amount for a Direct Loan aid award that has at least one disbursement scheduled, Populi'd give him some kind of "You can't do that now get off my lawn" error. Now it just works, flawlessly, beautifully.

News attachments have been upgraded to the nice new file viewer that we use absolutely everywhere else and just neglected to add to News until a couple days ago.

In an effort to appear all grown-up and mature, the Transactions report now makes sure to use first and last names instead of Populi display names, which are frequently silly and wholly unbecoming the serious business of non-profit accounting. I mean, it just won't do to have a series of transactions with guys like "Dr. Cool Sunglasses Guy" and "Shirtless Bear-Wrestler McGinty" as the primary actors.

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