How are in-progress grades calculated?

In-progress grades are the course grades Populi displays for students before they are finalized in a given course. Here are some things to know about how they're calculated, together with a few other items worth knowing.


In-progress grades are calculated from graded assignments.

  • Technically, all student course grades begin as "0" or "F" (or whatever your grade scale's failing grade might be). Before any assignments are graded, the student will not see any in-progress grade for the course.
    • In Pass/Fail courses, the starting point for all students is "100" or "P".
  • As assignments are graded, the grade calculation now has something to work with. The student can see his in-progress course grade as soon as his first assignment grade for a given course is entered.
  • The calculation is based on the weights given to your assignment groups (if you're using them—if you're not, then each assignment point is weighted the same).
  • Ungraded assignments (whether because you haven't graded them yet or skipped grading them) are not included in the calculation—they are considered "Excused" for the purposes of the grade calculation.
  • Options like drop-lowest and extra credit are automatically factored in as you enter grades.
  • Course faculty, academic admins, and registrars can manually over-ride an in-progress grade by editing it in the course gradebook.

Other things to remember

  • In-progress grades only display to students when the course Progress setting is set to Visible to students. This goes for regular courses as well as Pass/Fail courses.
  • Pass/Fail courses display the highest passing grade (according to your Pass/Fail Grade Scale in Academics > Settings) until an assignment grade is entered.
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