July 9 to July 20, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

You can now lock registration on the Leads report. This lets you add a lock to incoming students—that is, any lead with the Student role.

The Academic Term > Courses report now has an action that lets you set a group of courses to Published.

The CSV Export function on the Enrollments report now includes the export helper (the doohickey that lets you add extra columns to the report you're generating).

Files in applications now use the updated file viewer.

The API now lets you print custom transcripts.

Added Staff Comment as an export field in the detailed Donations export.

New variables for enrollment agreement signature overlays: STUDENT_INITIALSand STUDENT_FULL_INITIALS.

The Canvas integration now uses the Canvas Final Grade instead of Current Grade.


Fixed up some dumb things we were allowing with ID Card exports. If you wanted to, you could export any kind of ID card for any kind of person, regardless of your own user roles. For example, a Staff user could create Faculty ID cards for a bunch of students. And then those students would run down to the movie theater and the McDonald's and get a bunch of swanky senior citizen discounts. Can't have that kind of thing happening.

Fixed an error with editing financial aid refund amounts that none of y'all could see but that we could see and were getting mighty sick of.

Fixed a scrolling/screen-refreshing problem that occurred when selecting aid types in a disbursement batch.

Sometimes transcript request credit card captures would create duplicate receipts. If we've done our job, that ain't the case no more.

We recently changed the Accounting > Transactions report to show First & Last names instead of Preferred names. We extended that sophistication and maturity to Accounting > General Ledger.

The .icsimporter wasn't displaying the full event name, which was a symptom of a general malaise in the importer which we have at least greatly ameliorated.

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