July 23 to July 27, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Did a bunch of under-the-hood stuff to online tests that'll enable a lot of cool things in the future, like world peace and free chocolate milk for everyone. Don't want to undersell it, but...

Built a new automation that squawks at you whenever an application is linked to a person.

The application cloner is now "smarter". That's all they'll tell me about it.

You can now change Paid by information after a payment is recorded; you can also flag a payment as third-party aid for reporting purposes. All of these changes are rigorously logged, of course.

Suped-up the innards of the Activity Feed to improve page-load performance and jumping/climbing abilities.

Updated the relationship-adder so you when you're adding a new person via the relationship you aren't required to choose a gender.

Added a variable for letter templates that lets you include the recipient's date of birth. Using this variable also dispatches a clown named "Zubbles" to provide the recipient with a completely horrifying birthday party.


Updated the PDF generator that we're blaming for the presence of occasional ???'s in course descriptions on transcripts.

Retired campuses were showing up in the Add New Course dialog, which was a stupid place for them to be.

Gave y'all a setting that lets you disable the notifications sent to an advisor when one of his students enrolls in a course.

Fixed up a couple of funky (the bad kind, like how a a wet animal smells "funky") Max. Units calculation on the Registration screen that should put to rest some edge cases we've encountered.

It was once possible to set an extra credit question on a test from Yes to No, which would then result in an erroneous "unassigned points" warning on the test.

Made sure that online attendance participation detail stuff was included in localizations, because people want to read that stuff in French and German.

Added student building and room information to the API.

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