July 30 to August 3, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Rubrics are here! Read about how to set them up and how to use them in your courses.

The course navigation update we mentioned a few weeks ago is also out. Your muscle memory will retrain itself in no time...

We added a number of built-in translations to Localizations. Now, in addition to our built-in English (crafted by some of the most sensitive wordsmiths in the industry), we offer built-in Spanish, Chinese, French, and German translations, each one handwritten by a true master of each language, incorporating subtle nuances and a heightened attunement to the power of each and every wordderived from publicly-available translation APIs.

You can now export the term book list from Academic Term > Courses using the Export books action (actually, that's where the function used to live back before we added Bookstore...).

The Scheduled Events report in Communications has a new Reassign Communication Plan action that lets you transfer incomplete Todos, future letters, and emails to a new sender.

The new birthday filter now lets you search without a year in case you wanted to find everyone with a birthdate, of, say, August 3rd and not necessarily in a particular year (which the birthdate filter still asks for).


From the "It Was Broken So We Deleted It" department: PDF receipts were including name suffixes. No big deal. But if that suffix contained Chinese or other special characters, the suffix would print as ???, which added the illusion of disbelief at who was receiving the receipt (" Don Trin ??? Really? He gets a receipt? Unbelievable!"). So we knocked the suffix out of there. No one wants to see that kind of thing anyway.

From the "It Was Broken So We Fixed It" department: Chinese characters were being converted into nonsense symbols on calendar event summaries. Rather than delete Calendar (we really wish we could, but y'all seem to like having it around), we fixed that field.

From the "Developers Sound Like They're Writing A Bad Jabberwocky Sequel" department: We now pull common settings/activerecord metadata definitions and cache them in PHP's opcache.

From the "Your File is Too Big But We're Not Telling You" department: If you attached too big a file to a communication plan email, we wouldn't let you attach that plan to anyone. You still don't get to use too big a file, but now at least we tell you that you shouldn't.

From the "So You Think Changing That Setting Actually Did Something" department: If you permitted faculty to change a student's credits in a course, we nonetheless wouldn't let them. But now we do.

From the "What Am I Doing Here" department: no matter what Profile view you were on, when you gave a person a user account, we used to kick you back to the Profile > Info view. We stopped that.

From the "IPEDS Gonna IPEDS" department: Apparently we should be including non-credit graduate courses in ye olde IPEDF 12 monthe enrollmentf report, so we made sure those get into the report.

From the "It's The Little Things That Make You Want To Strangle Us Sometimes" department: Assignments and Tests would display in the order of the first digit (so you'd get Chapter 1 Test, Chapter 10 Test, Chapter 2 Test, etc.). We went back to kindergarten and learned how to count.

From the "Give Me Everything I Asked For" department: If you exported Populi IDs or Usernames from the Enrollments reporting tool, those columns would be blank in the export.

From the "What's Updog" department: Standings would disappear from historic course rosters if you graduated the student; we fixed it so the student's standing at the time he was in that course abideth still on the roster.

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    Joel Wingo

    I never contemplated strangulation, but that ordering of assignments fix is fantastic news. Great job @Populi, what a week!  

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