August 6 to August 10, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

After years of development and intensive collaborative partnerships with leading innovators in the nanotech, aerospace, and biotech spaces, we're finally taking the wraps off this incredible new feature: you can now use the API to add notes to applications (and applicant activity feeds).


The gray standard deviation band wasn't displaying on the various graphs on Student Course Summary pages. Turns out this broke nearly a year ago, and not only did we not realize it, none of y'all reported it, either! If a feature breaks and there's no annoyed user to ask Support about it, does it count as a bug?

The Payments/Refunds report sorted by first name. The Charges/Charges report sorted by last name. If you combined the exported spreadsheets, despairing black chaos resulted. We now sort those names by the middle-most letter of the student's grandmother's middle namefirst letter of the student's last name.

The Unapplied Payments/Credits report only exported one person if you added the column for Degree in the export helper. That was really cool if you only had one person in the report, but really worthless if you had 237 people in it.

Fixed up the way we changelog the addition and removal of Registration Locks. Previously, it would show as added/removed by THE SYSTEM, which was a bit, you know, SkyNet-ty—people thought Populi was becoming self-aware and preventing students from self-enrolling in courses. Now we log the name of the person who triggered the lock.

If your course shares test questions with another course, you might have had some problems adding new test questions to categories. That was because of some technical thing that sounds annoying to write about. All you need to know is that we fixed it.

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