August 13 to August 17, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

You can now record multiple scores for each standardized test on Profile > Admissions.

The Student Info panel now includes a link to the student's advising page.

We updated the ISIR parser so it can properly chew on stuff with the 2018-2019 aid year.

You can now get an email or push notification (using a mobile app) whenever a To-do is assigned to you.

Added an email filter to the Donors report so you can filter your donors by email address. See how that works?


Tightened some screws on how we handle ISBNs in course book lists. We now store everything as ISBN-13, which makes for more consistent behavior with things like links to Bookstore. ISBN-13 has been the industry's platinum standard since 2007, and we're proud to join the vanguard of internet technology companies that are marching boldly into the future of ways for computers to identify books with unlucky numbers.

We added a hard limit to the number of characters you can put in an email subject line: 156. How'd we come up with this number? Simple, really: the guys here whose middle names start with A-M added up their favorite numbers and got 65,540.28 (which was the previous character limit). Then the guys whose middle names start with N-Z added up their favorite numbers and got 420.13. Then we had a rat (we named him Chance the Ratter... isn't that cute?) use a pelletized food dispenser to help us decide which mathematical function to use to relate these two numbers—fortunately, the rat chose division. Dividing 65,540.28 by 420.13, we arrived at 156, which seems an eminently sensible number. Thanks, Chance!

Students could sometimes receive emails about discussion activity in courses from which they'd withdrawn. We figured that if the students wanted to hear about this stuff, they wouldn't have withdrawn. We replaced those notifications with a text that says, "Aren't you enjoying all your extra free time?"

Added a column for StudentIDto the IPEDS XLS export, which has made that spreadsheet even more of a page-turner than it was before.

We weren't syncing the Drop Lowest and Extra Credit settings for Assignment Groups. Oops!

The webcam picture upload for ID photos wasn't working if the photo subject wasn't popular or handsome enoughyou were using Safari.

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