August 27 to August 31, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Added a feature that lets faculty rename rubrics. Just kidding! This was actually a bugfix—we always intended for faculty to be able to rename rubrics, but Populi wouldn't let them.

Added a Campus filter to not one but two reports: the Enrollments report and Academic Term > Waiting List.


Fixed a bug that insisted that the student you were trying to add to a room was already assigned a room for that term. Upon release of the bugfix, the tent cities of college students on our customers' campuses were finally able to pack up as students moved indoors.

If you changed a student's ID number, The Populi Search wouldn't let you search for him/her by the new ID number, but rather forced you—at gunpoint, after a fashion—to search using the old ID number.

Changed the VERBIAGE (the French word for wording) on the Enrollment Agreements panel on Profile > Financial so it says Show all agreements instead of the misleading and cumbersome Show previously signed agreements.

Fix't a nissue what caused teh liberry lable printing-thing to tie mout if the thing was set 2 "one cell per page".

Standings were displayed out of order on the Analytics report. This so angered some of our users that they'd smash their computers with hammers. Another defenestrated his monitor from the third story of the Admin Building. Yet another was so incensed by these out-of-order standings on the Analytics report that he went to the local zoo and threw his laptop into the hippopotamus exhibit, where those flabby waterpigs charged it and smashed it into dust. Well, those standings are now ordered correctly, so maybe the mayhem can calm down a little bit now.

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