September 3 to September 7, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Added a column for Date of Last Attendance to these reports in Academics > Reporting > Attendance: By Student & Term, By Student & Course, and By Student.


You need to set up an income account in which to record credit card convenience fees—otherwise, the fees won't work. Thing is, we never told you about that, and so you could happily set up a convenience fee without an income account and then unhappily discover that you weren't charging for the luxury and convenience of online payments. We now warn you that this setup won't work. Which means it'll be your fault if it doesn't. We have washed our hands.

Fixed a bug that prevented students from registering in courses owing to schedule conflicts with courses from which the students had already withdrawn.

Fixed another bug that disabled the Submit button on tests with Essay and Short Answer questions.

Fixed another other bug that split call numbers on library labels in the wrong place.

Fixed another other other bug that wouldn't let you re-arrange lesson items if you had deleted a previous lesson item.

Fixed yet another other other other bug that failed to display degree status information in the Data Slicer.

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