September 24 to September 28, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Added a "dropped" filter condition to the Enrollments report in Academics > Reporting. Dropped lets you find the students who withdrew from a course before the add-drop date (after that date, they'd be sobriqueted with withdrawn).


Fixed up the Other Person option in the Record Payment dialog—if you left that field blank, it would insert your name in the "Paid by" field, which was miserably confusing and patently untrue.

Recurring donations would display in Profile > Donations, but not in Profile > Financial > Dashboard or History. This was a great and loathsome grief to those who noticed, and they swore to make themselves grievous and loathsome to us if we did not fix it. We abhor conflict and we quickly acquiesced.

Academic Auditors were unable to view the Term Progress view in Advising, which we meant as a prank, but instead caused such sorrow and terror that we sheepishly fixed it while everyone's faces were buried in their hands, weeping.

Students who had answered test questions but then dropped the course were nonetheless appearing in the Ungraded Questions view in Tests, a situation that triggered such howls of existential despair that we felt compelled to fix this.

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    Grace Johnson


    You guys are hilarious.

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    Lee Richards

    Is the "dropped" filter condition effective retroactively? In other words, should this permit us to report on classes that meet this condition from last year, or will it only work on drops going forwards from this time?

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